Video interview final parts

We made more material at the danish cannabis fair North Grow. Here you can find the remaining three clips and interview with Peter Gade, exlaining more about Drizzle.

We did a few answers to key questions regarding Drizzle and the North Grow cannabis fair in Denmark. Who is Drizzle? Where are we taking Drizzle? What is the future of Drizzle?
Part of interview from the North Grow cannabis fair in Denmark . Here we answer: Why Drizzle? Who can Drizzle? How does it extract?
Final part of the interviews from North Grow in Denmark. Here we answer: What can you Drizzle?

Extraction Testing

Cille (Peters wife) now has her own Drizzle extractor.

After getting familiar with the user interface, she started doing some experiments we never thought of - Lemon peel.

You can see the process in the images below. The peel of an organic lemon was simply cut and place into the extraction chamber. It was extracted at room temperature for one hour. 

The result was roughly 2 mL home made lemon peel oil. Pleasant citric and bitter taste. I was mixed with a gin and tonic and worked very well as extra garnish flavour. 

 Interesting to see what come out of the extractor next 😀

Finished Drizzle Unit

Yes, we did it! Our very first completely finished Drizzle unit has been assembled.

It took quite a few nights of work till 3 AM to get it all together, but in the end it all came together. Right now we are working on fixing small bugs before we assemble the next twenty units, which will go out to selected test customers. 

We have furthermore started work on analytical equipment that can quantify extraction efficiency and purity. A separate post will be made about this. 


Prototype of production design coming together


We have had a great summer! Lots of travelling and plenty of machine tinkering.

All of the finalized inner components has landed and it is time to build our design. It has been quite a lot of work to find the right vendors for the right parts. Because no one has made something like this before, almost everything is custom. 

Major inner parts has been CNC milled out from solid blocks of aluminum, many has been laser cut, some 3D printed and all electronics mounted in-house. 

First part of the machine is already mounted. What you see in the model below is the skeleton of our Drizzle machine and the distillation stage attached. 

Delivery of the extruded plates covering the machines is delayed until end of September. That will be the final component we need to add before it is fully assembled. Fortunately there is a lot of work to be done with fine tuning our firmware to handle the extraction process smoothly.

Next post will be a video of the unit running a distillation cycle.

Prototyping the production design

Our trusted ultimaker 3D printer to the rescue. We have started printing all of the extruded parts and lasercutting the interior sheet metal parts. Chambers are being CNC milled and electronics soldered up in a reflow oven. 

The exterior assembly can be evaluated in a week when all the prints are complete. Once the CNC jobs are done, we will have a functional plastic model of the Drizzle extractor. 

Exciting times ahead!