November update

Efficiency measurements

We spent the last few months upgrading our in-house lab facilities to encompass cannabinoid and Chlorophyll testing. The results from our tests are highly interesting and useful for the Drizzle. The optimal settings for extracting cannabis has been found and implemented as standard in the extractor and used for the test below.

The efficiency (ie. the amount of cannabinoids extracted as a measure of how much is present in the plant) is almost 70% with a single extraction cycle. The Chlorophyll and Xanthophyll (bitter tasting plant pigments) contents are minimal at these settings. If you chose to extract twice on the same material, the yield will go up to 90%, but you will also have more Chlorophyll in your end product. An end product with higher chlorophyll content is better suited for oral consumption.

The image below is an actual Drizzle extraction of 10 grams of cannabis DW buds.

Cannabis oil extracted from the DW cannabis strain. Cannabinoid contents is 60%

Cannabis oil extracted from the DW cannabis strain. Cannabinoid contents is 60%

Demonstrating at the MJ Biz Con in Las Vegas

We were invited to the Mj Biz Con in Las Vegas to come to demonstrate the Drizzle extractor live. Nevada has passed recent laws, legalizing recreational cannabis, giving us the pleasure of extracting cannabis in front of a live audience. The extraction went well, and the evening progressed as it usually does in Las Vegas.

Thank you all!

MJ Biz Con in Las Vegas

MJ Biz Con in Las Vegas

Ordering parts for final prototype

Tobias has worked intensively with Peter Christensen to revise our production drawings. They are being updated to build the updated model, we showed you in the October newsletter. The drawings and changes encompass all the required changes from our initial user tests and risk analysis.

Risk analysis and CE Certification

Peter Christensen is currently heading our efforts to CE certify the Drizzle extractor. We have done several risk analysis, which is a formal way of analyzing everything that can go wrong in the device and figure out how to prevent that. The risk analysis is at its third iteration and looks like it is the final one. During the winter we will start work with the Danish company Force to further test the Drizzle extractor for durability and safety.