Cannabis Analysis

We offer cannabis analysis for private companies, with a guaranteed four-day turnaround service with no minimum requirements on the number of samples per order.

Our analysis capabilities include fresh and dried plant material, extracted oils and anything with cannabinoids in it. All analysis services are performed according to GCP standards. Drizzle is part of the Danish Medicines Administrations cannabis research program and specializes in small form factor extraction technology and high throughput analysis equipment.

See below for a list of services and use the contact form for a non-committal offer of our services. If you have other requirements, feel free to inquire. We are constantly expanding our capabilities.



We have developed and validated several assays to precisely and consistent measure the absolute contents of the primary cannabinoids: THC, CBD, CBN, THCA, and CBDA. For dried and fresh plant matter, we pretreat the material to analyze for water contents. Our services include complete soxhlet solvent extraction of plant samples, to eliminate errors from unknown solvent and plant volumes.

Assay specifications:

  • Relative standard error: 2%

  • Analysis performed per sample: 3

  • Assay coefficient of variation: 3-4%.

  • CV% and 95% confidence intervals are registered and reported as part of our customer feedback.

  • Measured compounds: THC, CBD, THCA, CBDA, CBN



Excessive Chlorophyll in either plant material or extracted oil leaves a bitter taste and gives the end user a poor impression of quality. We have used our Chlorophyll LC/UV detection systems to minimize the amount of Chlorophyll in our extraction equipment.

We have available assays for precise quantification of Chlorophyll A, B & Xanthophyll.


Mold is a problem in the cannabis flower. TYMC, or total yeast and mold count, is the number of colony forming units present per gram of product (CFU/g). A colony forming unit is the scientific means of counting and reporting the population of live bacteria or yeast and mold in a product.

Contact us for a CFU measurement of your cannabis samples.

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