The Drizzle Extractor

Drizzle is the worlds first fully automatic kitchen appliance that extracts and concentrates the fragrant and bioactive components of plants. It is simple to use, yet versatile.

Live demonstration of Drizzle


How do you operate it?

tye design.JPG
  1. Place herbs in Drizzle

  2. Select extraction mode

  3. Press start & wait

  4. Enjoy

WHat plants?


Drizzle extracts basically any plant or herb. Some of the best we have seen are with Chili, Spearmint, Lavender, Blackcurrant and many more.

The extract



Drizzle is not only a cool functional device it is also a beautifully crafted object you can be proud of.  The machine on the left is our very first functional prototype. 

Drizzle makes an "absolute" of the plant you put inside. The absolute contains most of the heavier elements, waxes, fats, oils and almost all bioactive compounds.



Drizzle extracts the herbs with non-toxic ethanol. 90% of the ethanol is automatically recycled. It is stored directly inside the Drizzle extractor between uses, making it easy to start new herbal extractions. 

Thermal control


The qualities of an herbal extract is heavily affected by extraction temperature. Drizzle is designed to operate anywhere from -10 degrees to 60 degrees Celsius. Choose the temperature you prefer for you favorite herb. 


Select one of the standardized extraction profiles or create your own. Customize extraction time, extraction temperature and many other parameters.