Drizzle Extractor Status


We are working intensely on getting the Drizzle extractor into production: Our test units are currently being assembled and the first test customers are using it.

Below you can dig into some of the details on testing, business, design and manufacturing. This page will be updated as the project progresses. Drop in frequently or sign up for our newsletter.


Major design tasks

Concept Design: Done

Component selection: Done

Prototype assembly: Done

Customer testing: In progress

Component sourcing: In progress



Bio testing: Done

TLC Testing: Done

GC-MS Testing: Done



Company setup: Done

Bootstrap finance: Done

Seed finance: Done

Patent: Done

Factory selection and agreement: Done

Crowdfunding finance: In progress



Electronics Design: Done

Electronics EMC: Done

Electronics LVD: Done

Electronics DFM (Design for manufacture): Done

Firmware Design: Done

Mechanical Sketch: Done

Mechanical Production Drawings: Done

Extrusion moulding cavity design: Done

Tooling: In progress



Production Assembly SOP: Done

Production Testing SOP: In progress

CE Certification: In progress

UL Certification: Pending

First factory made prototype: In progress

Shipment: Pending